An afterthought at the beginning of Ramadan ...

Public transportation-public transportation passengers to scramble to overtake each other.

But there is a strange sight, in front of which we were riding public transportation there is a mother with 3 teenage kids standing on the roadside.

Every public transportation stops in front of him, from a distance we could see the mother talking to the drivers of public transportation, and public transportation drove it back.

The incident repeated several times. When we were riding public transportation stops, the mother asked:

"Brother, through the bus terminal yes?", The driver would answer "yes".

Strange mother does not immediately rise. He says "But my 3rd child and I do not have the funds."

Smiling, the driver replied "Not bu pa-pa, rising only", when the mother looked ragu2, driver repeated his words

"Come on mom, riding alone, not pa-pa .."

I was fascinated with the good young driver of public transportation that, at peak hours and other public transportation race each other to look for passengers, but the young driver's seat 4 passengers volunteered for the mother and her children.

When they arrived at the bus terminal, 4 passengers this free fall. The mother thanked the driver berulang2 times the goodness of his heart.

In the wake of her mother's, a male passenger got out and paid with money Rp. 20 thousand.

When the driver was about to give a refund (the cost of public transportation Rp.4 thousand only) This man told me that it was to cost him money and had 4 passengers free.

"To be good yeah, bro" the man said to the young drivers of public transportation ...

That afternoon I was really amazed by the small favors that I have seen.

A Mother's poor honest man, a good driver and a passenger hearts dear.

They supported each other for good.

If only half of our nation like this, then the world will be defeated by our good. Keep doing good, no matter how small sincerity we do certainly very meaningful for someone else ..!

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